Congratulations to Kevin D. Wolf and his team at Software Logistics for their first prize win in a recent TeamWERX challenge.  TeamWERX, sponsored by SOFWERX, is a prize challenge platform designed to engage new, novel, and provocative thinkers to assist in the development of innovative solutions to warfighter problems.

Here is the challenge:  You have a mobile device, a map with pre-placed sensor locations, and no internet service.  You need to be able to retrieve mission-critical data from sensors without revealing their locations.  If you would like to learn more about the winning submission, the entry has been open sourced and can be accessed via the following link:

The organization was so impressed with the entry that they are in discussions with Software Logistics for follow-on work.  Software Logistics is proud to do their part in helping TeamWERX and SOFWERX solve the challenging requirements that face the warfighters that keep us safe.


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