Last week, I enjoyed a couple of beers with a colleague and business owner I’ve known for almost 20 years. We were talking about growing our businesses, and he said “Kevin, companies are looking for talent to help them move their company further faster, with less resources. That’s what you are really good at, you need to clone yourself.”

Thinking more about this since our conversation, I realized that he had made an important point. In the book, The Mythical Man-Month, author Fred Brooks describes the folly of going down the typical path of adding manpower to solve project delays. Based on his experience with trying to save a range of high profile projects that were behind schedule, he concluded that the traditional approach of adding more resources to projects just leads to further delays.

While cloning technology wizards isn’t realistic with currently available technology, my team stepped up to the challenge of packaging a way to help businesses use technology to move further faster. With over 25 years of experience in working with businesses to solve their technology needs, we were determined to find new and innovative solutions. NuvIoT, complete with tools and exceptional support, is our answer to that business need.

The challenge was to find ways to architect technology that is agile and can survive in times of rapid change. Instead of throwing manpower after a problem, an approach that we have all seen fail repeatedly, NuvIot provides you with the tools to deliver technology through configuration, not custom code. With our tools and support, a few smart people can do the work of the very large teams that were the solution of the past.

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