Software Logistics is happy to report that we are currently testing an on-premises version of our application. While our current NuvIoT runtime uses containers to run in the cloud, we recognize that some of our customers require an on-premises solution. Our application is now able to run on both Windows 10 IoT core as well as in a local, containerized environment.

We can efficiently run on hardware from as small as a 1GB VPS to a large multi-core server with a great deal of memory.  Our data storage is in the form of highly scalable cloud services.  If your solution can run in the cloud where you build your IoT application, NuvIoT will provision all necessary hardware, install software, and bring your IoT application up with the click of a single button.  We can help you achieve a solution that is highly scalable with high availability that runs on and is monitored by our robust platform frameworks.

What makes our solution unique and powerful is that we offer you the best of both worlds.  All your data is stored locally and can, based on your security requirements, access all of that local data. You can manage your applications from anywhere in the world with our web or API-based solutions.

Software Logistics is excited to offer this new capability.  Contact Us to learn how NuvIoT can accelerate your IoT efforts.

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