In my 25+ years of experience in software development, I have concluded that about 70-80% of the development effort is relatively simple and the remaining 20-30% is often incredibly difficult.

Given this assumption, I think these are the biggest challenges facing businesses in their efforts to meet their organization’s technology needs:

  • Separating the simple from the difficult
  • Managing the sheer volume of the simpler work
  • Keeping the difficult elements from creeping in and bogging down efforts to knock off the easy work

NuvIoT takes care of the difficult elements.  You configure the simpler things and use our tools to specify how the remaining 20-30% should work.  At its foundation, NuvIoT is comprised of pre-built, secure, scalable, and reliable building blocks.  These small reusable sets of functionality are designed to be easily managed.

Build your IoT application using NuvIoT tools.  We help make the difficult parts easy.


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