NuvIoT has always supported connecting to your apps’ data and configuration from an API.  Everything you could do from the development portal or any of the data your applications produce was available from a REST based API,  but it required a user to log in to access these features and data.

Sometimes you need to build an integration where a user is not involved.  Let’s say you have a background service that runs on a server that needs to access device data.  This is not necessarily associated with a NuvIoT user account.  In our latest release, we have introduced a feature that will allow you to register client apps.  When you register your client app, you need to specify to which NuvIoT app instance you need to connect.  You will then receive a Client ID as well as a primary and secondary App Auth Key.  With this information, you can add an authorization header to your REST request.  A user will no longer have to authenticate to access your data and features.

In addition to specifying which NuvIoT app instance your client app should connect to, you can also optionally specify which devices, by Device Type and Device Configuration, should be used with this client app.

The user interface for creating new clients apps is straightforward:

Once you have the Client ID and App Auth Key, simply add those to the Authorization header or your REST request with the Authorization scheme APIToken and a value of the Client ID and App Auth Key separated with a colon as follows:

Authorization: APIToken [CLIENTID]:[APPAUTHKEY]

Currently, our Client App API includes methods to:

  • Manage Devices (Add, Query, Update)
  • Query Data Streams for a device

Click here to view a complete list of the NuvIoT APIs.

We can’t wait to see what you build!

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