NuvIoT provides a lot of power to build sophisticated and scalable IoT applications. This ease also extends to publishing your application.  If you publish your application to one of our cloud providers, you can do it in just one click.  We have a variety of containerized deployment strategies available to meet your needs.  Our simplest offering is a single Docker container that is coupled with your IoT application’s configuration.

Our Master Control Program (MCP) is responsible for doing all the hard work, such as spinning up VPS deploying containers and clusters.  The MCP is also where we continually monitor the health of your deployments.  This lets you focus on what your application needs to do, not the intricacies of deploying and managing the infrastructure to support it.  Do not worry, NuvIoT also provides a significant amount of performance logging to ensure that your deployment is operating at peak performance without wasting resources.

For larger scale and mission critical deployments, we support using Kubernetes and high-performance queuing technologies, like Kafka and Azure Service Bus, to provide a message processing pipeline that can be optimally tuned based on your application’s unique needs.

As companies turn their focus to DevOps, one of the more important components of this is Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).  NuvIoT fully embraces the power of CI/CD on many different levels, including publishing from container repositories and versioning of your IoT application solutions.

To summarize, NuvIoT is an end-to-end platform that not only lets you build sophisticated IoT applications with minimal coding, but it also lets you deploy those solutions without being an expert in infrastructures.

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