The Software Logistics team met last week for a discussion of our shared vision for the company.  In addition to some fun team-building exercises, it gave this group of remote workers a chance to be in the same room and share our commitment to the most important thing we do.  Creating value from technology is often difficult, we exist as a company to make the process easier.

Our founder and president, Kevin Wolf, talked to us about the principles that guide us in making the difficult seem easy, including:

  • Understand the Vision
  • Use Insight to Stay Ahead of the 8-ball
  • Follow a Clear Process
  • Communicate Effectively and Efficiently
  • Solve the Right Problems
  • Understand Quality Expectations
  • Respect the Value of Time
  • Be Right, Often
  • Take Calculated Risks
  • Have Fun

We all had an opportunity to share our vision for the company and the part we hoped to play.  Many of our thoughts overlapped.  Common themes included success and growth individually and as a company, as well as ensuring that Software Logistics becomes the place where the most talented people want to work. 

Our optimism for the future of the company is in part fueled by the roll-out of our internally-developed IoT platform, NuvIoT.  Our IoT Accelerator Packages are another source of excitement.  They are designed to help companies determine the feasibility of adopting an IoT solution to solve some of their most pressing business problems.  Many of us look forward to leading some of those engagements.

The day was an excellent opportunity to reconnect as a team and get new inspiration from our founder and each other.  We finished off with a great meal out and agreement that these team events are valuable and important to us all.  As part of the process, we also managed to touch on most of the key focus areas Kevin outlined for us.  Especially the one about having fun!

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