Software Logistics is proud to announce a new feature within NuvIoT,  Advanced Device Twin Capabilities.  What does this mean for you and your devices?  Not only can you easily connect any of your devices or sensors to NuvIoT, you can remotely manage the device’s configuration and firmware.    

As an example, let’s say that you have an algorithm that runs on your device that implements some sort of decision as to when to open a valve.  This is really something that needs to run on the device because even if your device’s connection fails, it is important to open the valve at the right time.  To open the valve, the device needs to monitor a water level. If that water level falls below a certain threshold, the device should open the valve to add more water.  After preconfiguring and installing the sensors in the field, you realize that the original threshold for opening the valves was too high and not enough water is getting delivered.  With NuvIoT, you can log in to your control panel and adjust that threshold.  With a single push of a button, you can send that update to the device.  You can also query the device to determine how it is currently configured.  

Another capability that was introduce with our Advanced Device Twin Capabilities feature is the ability to manage the programs that run on your devices, sometimes referred to as firmware.  Updating the firmware of your device in the field is called Over the Air Updating (OTA).  NuvIoT allows you to catalog different versions of firmware and then provides the capability to notify your devices if a new firmware version is available.  It provides a secure link that the device can use to download the new program.  

If you only have a few devices in the field, managing them is not that big of a deal. It becomes more challenging as your device counts increase.  The ability to have remote configuration capabilities is a must for your IoT application.    

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