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What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and why should YOU care?

IoT enables your business to virtually connect all aspects of your organization and monitor them to help you achieve vastly improved efficiencies, cost savings, and an enhanced competitive advantage.











Technology is changing at a blinding speed. Companies that ignore its advances are vulnerable to a rapid loss of market share because of their failure to adapt. The business landscape is littered with companies that failed to innovate. An organization’s success is dependent on its ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Software Logistics’ committed, driven and innovative approach can benefit your company

We are bringing disruptive innovation to IoT consulting with our Accelerator Options.
Simply select the package that applies best to your company’s needs.  You will know exactly
what to expect from us in terms of work and deliverables. Let our affordable solutions help you begin
your company’s journey toward future growth and success by answering important questions today!

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IoT Accelerator Options

Prepackaged solutions designed to fast-track your decision-making process.  Selecting this option means you know exactly what to expect.  Your financial commitment and our deliverables are clearly defined.

All options include

  • Kick-off meeting with the executive sponsor
  • Kick-off and IoT education with the team
  • Individual interviews with team members
  • Workshop(s) with the team
  • Development of the deliverables
  • Closing with the team>
  • Closing with the executive sponsor


Business Assessment

How can IoT…

  • Optimize your business?
  • Improve your products?
  • Change the way you do business?
  • Make you money?
  • Help measure success?
  • How do you make a go/no-go decision on IoT?

These topics are designed to help you determine if and how an IoT solution can add value to your company.

Implementation Consideration

How do I…

  • Scale my IoT solution for future growth?
  • Consider all the relevant business factors?
  • Ensure internal and external security as well as legal and industry-specific impacts?
  • Evaluate my current company infrastructure?
  • Accomplish a seamless integration of all processes?

These topics are designed to lead you through an evaluation of how you might position your organization for the implementation of an IoT solution. 

Platform Options

  • What IoT platforms fit your circumstances?
  • How do they fit and why?
  • What changes to your existing systems and processes will be necessary?
  • What are the implementation requirements?
  • Rough project plan and timeline

These topics are designed to assist you in an assessment of available platforms to ensure that you will have the systems and processes in place to support your IoT solution.

Your IoT PROOF OF CONCEPT looks good in design, now it is time to prove that it will work

Avoid spending thousands of dollars to implement an unproven solution. Let our team help you prove your concept before committing major resources.

We configure your IoT concept within weeks, including:

  • Create a working IoT environment in the Cloud
  • Hook up real-world sensors and/or leverage simulated sensors
  • Create select business rules
  • Create your IoT dashboard(s)
  • Provide API access
  • Make the configuration transferable to implementation
  • Provide access to your proof of concept for up to 3 months

Price:  $10K, or $7K as an add-on to any of the IoT Accelerator Options

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)
Our simple definition of the internet: a collection of devices that enable communication, data transfer, and presentation of information.
Our simple SL definition of things in the context of IoT: a collection of things that are able to collect information about themselves and their environment and communicate that data to an internet device for further processing, storage, presentation, feedback between devices, command/control loops, etc.

What is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
The easier way to explain IIoT is to explain the difference in scope between IoT and IIoT. IIoT is a subset of IoT and is used for industrial purposes.
So, what does that mean?  The term IIoT is used to indicate that the results expected are in relation to business processes, business models, products, etc. The business goals are, as with typical business solutions, to improve revenues, reduce costs, increase market share, increase customer satisfaction, etc.

Some examples:
Home automation (IoT) – being able to open your front door or garage door while at work to allow somebody entry into your home.
Process automation (IIoT) – machines getting command/control signals after the control correlates all measurement signals from all machine, thus improving throughput and quality of the product being manufactured.

Dick Kluis
COO, Software Logistics

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