Bells and Whistles

NuvIoT is fully buzzword compliant for building modern scalable and secure IoT applications.  It includes the technology to work with your devices with their existing transports, protocols and messages.

For Techies Only

NuvIoT was built based on real-world experience building IoT applications.

If you’ve spent any time building scalable and secure IoT applications you know there are things you will always need to implement.  Based on 20+ years building these types of applications we’ve found things that haven’t worked, have worked and things that have worked extremely well.  NuvIoT is a collection of things that have worked extremely well that can all be tailored to meet your specific application needs

Getting the Message

Out of the box our professional and up versions listen for messages on most industry standard server formats such as REST, MQTT, AMQP, TCP/UDP just to name a few

Message Formats

Once the message arrives you can pick from a number of choices such as JSON, XML, delimited and binary formats to get your message data.

Translating Messages

NuvIoT provides an extensible universal translator that allows you to declare your devices messages so they can be turned into data to be used to build your IoT application.


NuvIoT was designed from the ground up with security in mind.  We have a dedicated module in our processing pipeline that can be fully customized for your devices unique security requirements and characteristics.


Our visual workflow builder allows you to design how your devices data is processed, transformed and stored.

Host a custom REST API

You can configure and stand up custom REST endpoints that can be called by other applications.

Powerful Scripting Engine

Create powerful scripts using an integrated and full-featured JavaScript editor to implement business rules, transform messages, interact with the runtime and prepare outgoing messages.

Exporting Data

We support exporting to SQL Server, Elastic Search, AMQP based messaging protocols as well as many more.  If you don’t find a connector for your particular source, you can easily create a new one.

Become an expert

Software Logistics will be there to help you get started using NuvIoT, but once you understand how to use our tools, you’ll be anxious to try them out for yourself.

We are extremely excited to see how far you can take NuvIoT.

Learn by Doing

The best way is to just get started and try a few things

We make it easy to get started, simply define your devices, define the language or the messages they will send, build a small workflow and finally select how you want to listen for those messages.  With this basic infrastructure in place, you’ll be able to spin up a new runtime instance and start collecting data.  Once you understand these basic is easy to extend that to a much more sophisticated and powerful application.

Create your own IoT library

Everything you build is a reusable component

As you start to build your applications you’ll be creating a set of reusable tested components.  Once you define a message parser for your GT100 state of the art teleportation system, those definitions can be used on any additional IoT applications you build going forward.

You can even make these definitions public so when other people start integrating your teleportation system they can get a jump start at building their own systems.

Achieve your goals

The enemy to every software development project is predictability

At Software Logistics we have built many sophisticated and powerful systems over the years.  As a result of that experience, we know the kinds of things that are required for IoT applications and have built a collection of technologies, tools, and processes to let you focus on your specific business needs.  This frees you up to predictability use your creativity to achieve your goals rather than get lost in all the complex details necessary to build sophisticated, scalable and secure applications.

We love this stuff and are very passionate about technology

We are lucky to be in an industry where talent, creativity, and passion merge to provide the opportunity to do some incredible things with technology and look forward to see what you can do with our technology.

One of my favorite quotes:

The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination. Few media of creation are so flexible, so easy to polish and rework, so readily capable of realizing grand conceptual structures.”

– Fredrick Brooks from his classic “The Mythical Man Month”


Kevin D. Wolf – Founder, CEO and Microsoft MVP

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