IoT Consulting as a product

Singular focus on your value




IOT Consulting as a product

Consulting products designed to deliver immediate value to you.  Selectable scope options with a predefined engagement method, steps, and timeline.  Fixed consulting product prices for the predictability you want.

Internet of things Consulting products

The focus areas, all of which have selectable options, are Value Assessment, Implementation Considerations, and Platform Options.

IOT Proof of concepts consulting product

You have a great IOT idea but if you don’t know how to proof it’s viability then this product delivers a working cloud-enabled prototype in 2 weeks.


INDustry specific IOT consulting products

Go beyond the Internet of Things Consulting Products by adding Industry specific focus.  Field Service is our first Industry package.

INTERnet of things consulting products

Selectable Focus Options

Implementation considerations

  • Scale after 3-5 years (storage, performance)
  • Business criticality factors
  • Impact on security, legal, industry, internally and externally
  • Current company infrastructure
  • Seamless integration between all processes

Business value assessment

  • How can IOT optimize your business
  • How can IOT improve your products
  • How can IOT change the way you do business
  • How can you measure success
  • Will IOT make you money
  • How do you make a go/no-go decision

platform considerations

  • What IOT Platforms fit your circumstances
  • How do they fit and why
  • What changes are necessary to your existing systems and processes
  • What are the implementation requirements
  • Rough project plan and timeline


Kickoff meeting with the executive sponsor
Kickoff meeting and IOT education with the full team
Interviews with all team members
Workshops with the team
Creation of the analysis and deliverables
Overview of results with the executive sponsor
Overview of the results with the team

Package Options

Select the package of your choice
work with us to create your own custom version



Basic Package @ $5K

Select 5 of the focus topics total

Most meetings are virtual

Up to 5 team members

1 Workshop

Typically delivered in 3 weeks


Advanced Package @ $20K

All focus topics are included

Most meetings are face-to-face

Up to 15 team members

3 Workshops

Typically delivered in 7 weeks


Field Service @ $5K

Add Field Service to any of the IOT Consulting Packages for an additional $5K


Intermediate Package @ $10K

Select 10 of the focus topics

Meetings are a hybrid between face-to-face and virtual

Up to 10 team members

2 Workshops

Typically delivered in 5 weeks

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

The Internet of Things (IOT) and specifically the Industrial IOT (IIOT) are the buzzwords and you might be wondering how IOT can help your company or if your companies future is in danger if you don’t do anything.

Don’t be a follower and don’t have your business disrupted.   At least find out if IOT should be pursued by your company.

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