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White Papers

Connected Service Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) and especially the Industrial version (IIoT), has been one of the BIG buzzwords for years now. The questions are what business value it can bring and why it needs to transform your business.

Written by Dick Kluis

IoT & Service Delivery

Find out how IoT makes new business models possible to service your clients before they experience a break/fix event.

Written by Dick Kluis

Case Studies

Cyclone Power Proof of Concept

At Software Logistics, we are not in the business of building wind turbines.  Click on Download Now! to see why we were featuring a working wind turbine in our booth at the Synapse Summit 2019.

KineticCare – Case Study

Find out more about KineticCare the grand prize winning entry at the AT&T 2016 Mobile Hackathon, created by a team led by Software Logistics founder Kevin Wolf.

KineticCare – Overview

Watch this short video that gives you an overview of KineticCare the grand prize winner of the 2016 AT&T Mobile Hackathon.

Unmanned Systems

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) could be the perfect IoT sensor platform, download this PDF to learn how NuvIoT can be used to leverage your investments in unmanned systems

LIDS C-SUAS Solution

LIDS is our Counter Small Unmanned Aerial Systems or C-SAUS offering built on NuvIoT that can be used to leverage the latest technology for detecting and disabling small unmanned aerial systems or drones.

Written by Kevin Wolf.


IoT 101: An Introduction to the Internet of Things

Did you miss our presentation at the Synapse Summit last year?  You can check out the slides from our presentation here.  Please Contact Us if we have piqued your interest and you want to hear more.

LIDS – QuadChart

Download our QuadChart as prepared for SOFWERX’s Thunderdrone C-SAUS challenge in January 2018

NuvIoT – QuadChart

Download our QuadChart as prepared for our submission to the Department of Naval Research’s June 2018 catapult event in Virginia Beach.

NuvIoT – Web Tools Overview

This video will give you a high-level overview of the different tools and how they are organized for IoT App Studio, a web-based development environment for IoT applications where the focus is on configuration rather than coding

Configure More – Code Less

NuvIoT is a web-based development environment on which you build sophisticated end-to-end IoT Applications that execute in a dedicated container based run time.

IoTAppStudio Video

An in-depth explanation of our product (11 Minutes)

Performed by Kevin Wolf.

Limited Time Offer

We are currently looking for companies who are interested in participating in our early access program. Take advantage of our early access offer and let us help you build your proof of concept now.

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