IoT Just Got Simpler





Connecting your business to a world full of digital things presents as many challenges as opportunities.

Software Logistics and NuvIoT help you meet your toughest IoT challenges


The Hard Way

The hard way requires your company to assemble a dedicated development team that will spend up to six months building a proof of concept and up to a year bringing the solution to production. This requires a great deal of custom code and a large budget.

Our Way

Our way allows your team to produce a proof of concept in a matter of days and bring the solution to production within a few months. Our tools and processes help you accomplish this through configuration, not custom code, which means that a large development team is not required.


IoT gives you a competitive edge, presenting you with thousands of new opportunities to grow your business. NuvIoT allows you to achieve your business goals in an environment designed to make it easy to build IoT solutions.

Your team can leverage our rapid, end-to-end prototyping to construct sophisticated, secure, and scalable applications that leverage your smart connected devices, existing applications data, and other data streams. It delights executives, business analysts and developers alike.


Software Logistics

The Software Logistics team has been building expertise while helping companies achieve their goals since 2001. In that time, we have completed projects for well-known companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, Yahoo, and American Airlines. We have also worked with many mid-sized companies.

Let us be your partner in adding business value by transforming the way you use the Internet of Things.


The Opportunities are Endless

Your company’s success and growth are dependent on your ability to continually engage your customers, unlocking new business opportunities and differentiating your product and service offerings from your competition.

Optimizing your business processes by combining real-time data with existing enterprise systems will increase efficiencies that will, in turn, help you reduce costs.

Embrace an Easier IoT

NuvIoT allows you to build your applications quickly by using pre-built, secure, scalable, and reliable building blocks.

These components allow you to make NuvIoT work with your existing devices, it does not force your devices to work with our platform. You can use any combination of devices from any manufacturer, there is no need to get locked in to a single provider.

NuvIoT allows you to build your systems without an in-house infrastructure. We provide a platform for receiving and processing the data from all of your devices. Once your solution is built, you can reuse any of the components in other applications and with other devices.

Limited Time Offer

We are currently looking for companies who are interested in participating in our early access program. Take advantage of our early access offer and let us help you build your proof of concept now.

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