Your equipment is talking to you, are you listening?

Every day, your equipment is telling you how to improve your business.
Before IoT, it was hard to get the message. We help you monitor and translate the signals.
They are telling you how to minimize waste, streamline performance, and generate revenue.

What We Do

Using IoT technology to create business value can be difficult and unpredictable. It doesn’t have to be. We work with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs. We can lead you through a new IoT implementation, support you to maximize what you have already started, or turn you loose with our NuvIoT platform and let you engage us if and when you need further assistance. 

Our offerings include:

IoT Accelerator Options

Our prepackaged solutions are designed to fast-track your decision-making process.  Selecting this option means you will know exactly what to expect.  Your financial commitment and our deliverables are clearly defined.

We met with Software Logistics for the first time only two weeks before an important meeting with a prospective investor. We wanted to demonstrate a working demo of an application for our recent IoT patent. In ten days they showed us a working demo and supported our investor meeting 4 days later. I was blown away by their work and ability to accommodate such a compressed schedule.
George M. Gordon

President & CEO, LumaStream, Inc.

Proof of Concept

You have created an IoT strategy, now let us help you test it to prove that it will meet your company’s expectations.  You could spend months to fully execute your proof of concept. Leverage our platform and tools and we can help you complete it in a matter of weeks.



Build Your IoT

We can help you turn your proven concept into a fully implemented IoT solution. Our IoT platform, NuvIoT, is a great option, highly scalable, and available for you to test out at no cost. We understand that you may have a preference based on where you already host your cloud-based services. Our flexible deployment options allow you to run NuvIoT on any of the major cloud services providers or from your own dedicated data center.

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