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IoT: Protecting our Natural Habitats



*This is a hypothetical case study

H​ow can IoT help protect our natural habitat as well as monitor and protect the equipment used to do so?


The fight against Eutrophication: Eutrophication is the process in which a water body becomes overly enriched with nutrients, leading to the plentiful growth of simple plant life. The excessive growth (or bloom) of algae and plankton in a water body are indicators of this process. Eutrophication is considered to be a serious environmental concern since it often results in the deterioration of water quality and the depletion of dissolved oxygen in water bodies. Eutrophic waters can eventually become “dead zones” that are incapable of supporting life.

Aquaculture approached Software Logistic with interest in utilizing sensors to improve in their "Protect our natural waterways" initiative. Their services include Aquatic Nutrient Harvesting and Canal Cleaning and the equipment they use includes an Aquatic Excavator, Boom Harvesting and their trademarked GreenMach One heavy duty machine.

The objective is to utilize the NuvIoT platform in conjunction with specific sensors to establish comprehensive monitoring of the environment, equipment, and performance of their equipment and harvesting. This will enable real-time analytics with the overarching aim of enhancing the effectiveness of the "Protect our Natural Habitat" initiative.


  • Environmental Monitoring

    • Remote Location Monitoring: Environmental friendly sensor networks were placed in highly infested areas to monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, air and water quality as well as soil conditions. This improves our understanding of the areas heaviest degradation. ​

    • Weather Monitoring 

  • Equipment Monitoring

    • Predictive maintenance ​for all equipment, including heavy machinery allowing for operations to continue without heavy interruptions

    • Real-time high temperature alerting

  • Drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • Design flying routes within NuvIoT that allow for pre-inspection prior to deploying heavy machinery

    • Post clean-up location recovery rate analysis

    • Real-time logging and analysis provided upon completion of flight

  • Performance Monitoring 

    • Debris/Muck weight monitoring​ and analysis

  • Predictive Analytics and Data 

    • Sensors are being utilized that are collecting real-time data of heavy machinery that aid in predictive maintenance preventing costly breakdown. 

    • Month over month data is analyzed to aid in predicting higher aquatic growth patterns to better help forecast, plan and execute

    • Anomaly detection through real-time data collection 

    • Make the hard decisions with data driven support in real-time


  • Improvements to conservations efforts 

  • Cost savings

  • Public engagement and education

Image by Dan Meyers
Image by Anita Denunzio
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