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Boat in the Sea

SeaWolf Marine: Systems and Alerting



The capability to continuously monitor and receive alerts regarding critical parameters such as battery voltage, battery switches, bilge pumps, and various temperature readings on my marine vessel.


Additionally, the functionality to track and oversee the GPS location of my boat, with the system promptly notifying users if the vessel ventures beyond a designated range. 

Process & Solution:

  1. Interviewed stake holders

  2. Designed mock-ups and system flow diagrams

  3. Identified the proper hardware required that would need to be installed on vessel 

  4. Built iOS mobile application 

  5. Built hardware components for vessel installation 

  6. Developed user installation guide

  7. Designed a mobile user-friendly interface 

  8. ​​Developed Real-Time Notifications 

Seawolf 3.PNG


Multiple devices were installed in several test vessels to monitor various parameters, including console temperature, starting battery voltage, and trolling motor battery levels. Furthermore, we established the capability to track battery switch statuses and the GPS locations of these vessels. The team achieved a successful launch of both the web application and iOS mobile app, marking a significant milestone in the rollout of SeaWolf Marine. Check out our solutions page

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