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Our Solutions

Marine Monitoring

Location, GSP & Geofencing

• Track your boat whether on the water, on the trailer or on your lift at home

• Provide peace of mind that no matter where your boat is located you always have a "Geo" Fence around it

Temperature Monitoring

• Ability to monitor temperatures in or around the bilge area of your vessel 

• Place near batteries to measure temperatures inside compartments and/or hatches 

• Place in livewells to measure water temperatures for sensitive bait 

• Place on trailer hubs and/or bearings to track temperatures during long tows 

Battery Voltage & Switch 

• Easily identify when or if a battery switch is left on 1, 2, ALL or OFF 

• Monitor auxiliary AUX batteries

• Monitor 24 & 36-volt trolling motor-circuited battery connections

Bilge Pump / High Water 

• With the addition of a simple sensor placed in your bilge area, you can now easily measure water levels at any given time

• This can be treated as a redundant monitor to your high-water alarm 

• Alerts the user when a specific depth is reached 

• Continuously alerts as water levels rise and fall 

Marine Alerting

High / Low Battery Amperage 

• Provides low battery alerting, allowing the user to easily identify whether a battery is losing voltage and needs to be changed or replaced

• Easily identifies whether a battery is storing too much or too little energy during a charge

High-Temperature Alerting

• Setup custom alerts when temperatures reaches or drops below specified temperature 

• Place in live-wells to measure water temps for sensitive baits 

• Alert on ambient temperatures in center console and hatches 

Geofence Distance Alerting

• Receive an alert notification if the battery has been left on and the phone is outside a specified proximity

• Add multiple locations with multiple geo-fences. If you are traveling with your boat or keep your boat at multiple locations, we have you covered

High Water Alerting

• Continuously measures water level in bilge area with built-in notifications if certain water thresholds are met 

• Customize your alerting as water levels rise and fall 

• This is particularly helpful during our heavy-rain and hurricane season 

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