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Your equipment is talking to you, are you listening?

Every day, your equipment is telling you how to improve your business.
Before IoT, it was hard to get the message. We help you monitor and translate the signals.
They are telling you how to minimize waste, streamline performance, and generate revenue.

visual editor for route building in nuviot

What we do

Using IoT technology to create business value can be difficult and unpredictable. It does not have to be. We work with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs.

We can lead you through a new IoT implementation, support you to maximize what you have already started, or turn you loose with our NuvIoT platform and let you engage us if and when you need further assistance. 


IoT is all about messages. Messages come in all formats and protocols.

Our tools and data-driven approach to defining reusable messages allows for rapid prototyping with results that are enterprise ready.

integrating iot messaging dashboard
visual editor for route building

Route Builder

Once you define your messages are, you can graphically depict how to process them.

NuvIoT uses a set of building blocks you can visually configure that will perform actions on your message

Workflow Designer

IoT applications are sophisticated.  That sophistication is usually achieved the hard way, requiring developers to write a large of complicated code.

Do it the easy way with NuvIoT, which provides powerful configuration and workflow engines that allow you to configure the details of the messages and how they should be processed.

visual design tool
nuviot application dashboard


NuvIoT lets you build custom views and dashboards to give you exactly the right information at exactly the right time to optimize your business.


Although NuvIoT lets you visually configure most of your application, there may be times when you want to add your own building blocks.  Use our built-in extensibility tool to add functions as building blocks within NuvIoT that you can re-use throughout your IoT applications.

NuvIoT provides a comprehensive, web-based scripting editor. Plugins can be built and integrated with the route builder.

For advanced functionality, you can also extend the runtime with Docker.

nuviot platform in detail

Limited Time Offer

We are currently looking for companies who are interested in participating in our early access program. Take advantage of our early access offer and let us help you build your proof of concept now.

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