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Aerial View of a Drone

NuvIoT: Drones and IoT



The next generation of drones provide incredible capabilities for collecting data and imaging. How will you manage and record all this data? How will you plan your missions to most efficiently capture your data?

Over the last few years, there seem to be an explosion in the popularity of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) or drones. Other than their use in the military, for the most part, hobbyists have been at the forefront of this technology.

As UAS technology comes into the mainstream, becomes more reliable and cost-effective, businesses are seeing many potential uses for these devices.

Monitoring crops, safety, security, inspecting areas that may not be easily accessible, tracking and locating are only a small set of examples of some of the things that unmanned systems let you do much more cost-effectively.


Software Logistics is using its NuvIoT platform to create a powerful platform to help maximize your investments in unmanned system technologies.


NuvIoT lets you build IoT applications to manage the collection, storage, and analysis of sensor data including high-resolution imaging.

Using the integrated mission planner, you can easily preplan and manage and execute waypoint-based routes where you can create a set of instructions for the drone to follow as it arrives at a waypoint.


Information from Images:

I’m sure that you know that you can take images and even monitor live video which is sometimes called First Person View, but our system takes that one step further. With the incredible explosion of image detection and image categorization over the past few years,

NuvIoT lets you analyze those images in near real time and take action based on what it sees.

System Integration: 

As your unmanned system collects data points and image, NuvIoT lets you build apps to make use of that data. Whether that might be transforming your sensor data and exporting to other systems or building a workflow to perform specific actions, you can do it all without having to build custom software.

Designed to work with your technolgy:

While NuvIoT is a cloud-based technology, our base station is the bridge between the cloud and your UAS technology. Our technology uses MAVLINK or DJI’s SDK to communicate with the flight systems but can easily be customized to support additional connectors. You can even build your mission catalog and build applications that can be reused across your UAS technology from different manufacturers.

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