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Getting Started with IoT

What is the IoT and why should you care?

Internet of Things (IoT) enables your company business to virtually connect all aspects of your organization and monitor them to help you achieve vastly improved efficiencies, cost savings, and an enhanced competitive advantage.

Start Using IoT

As your business partner, we offer you free use of our solution during your proof of concept phase. Our cloud instance is ready for your use!

Answer a few questions then register for access to NuvIoT.  Then, use the Q&A (Surveys) within the platform to gather your thoughts and formulate your project.

Partner with our Experts 

Sometimes you know you need to do something but do not know where and how to start.

Software Logistics has gathered a team of seasoned professionals with over 50 years of combined IoT, and custom software development project experience. Using your data streams as input, leverage our team and proof of concept methodology to help you validate our solution’s ability to help you meet your business goals.

Get the help you want!

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