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Consulting Services

Process Modernization

Even the best workflows and processes can become obsolete implementations. The simple solution is to bring those great things into current technology stacks or something even more cutting-edge. As an added benefit, we modularize as much as possible so that maintenance and future efforts can be as surgical as possible.

Process Digitization and Automation

Everything must evolve, or it eventually becomes obsolete. Digitization and automation are not about reducing headcount. The intent is to empower your people to maximize productivity, allowing them time to innovate for your organization and revolutionize the customer experience rather than dealing with mundane minutia.​

Process Optimization

There are many, many ways to tie shoelaces. Likewise, there are many ways to solve a given software problem. Only a few are the most efficient. We collaborate with your subject matter experts to maximize results and exceed objectives while implementing the most efficient solution possible.

Proof of Concept Development

We excel at rapid concept prototyping. In fact, we immensely enjoy these challenges. It doesn’t matter if there’s a particular box you want us to work in or not, or if all you have is the proverbial napkin drawing – we can meet your needs.

Product Ideation

Whether you have an existing product (SaaS, PaaS, IoT device), you want to “do more,” or a new product you aren’t sure how to get off the ground. We can help. We’ll work with you to understand precisely where you are and determine what you need to get your implementation to where you want it to be.

Software Delivery Coaching

Developers are an interesting bunch, and a team’s experiences usually vary. The result, sometimes, is undesirable source code management and deployment. We can help you determine the best strategy and tools for your team and goals.

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