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Modernization Efforts 


Are you supporting your business with 20-year-old software, outdated technologies, and outdated servers? Do you have two techs on staff who know your system inside and out, and one is about to retire? Are you dealing with extremely dated applications or technology about to become obsolete?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions. Rest assured. We can help. At Software Logistics, we’ll work with you to create a road map on Modern Languages /Technologies and help you prioritize to make the transition as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


Sourcing and recruiting the right tech talent can be challenging. Is your technology stack dated and difficult? Let us audit your systems and provide recommendations for setting up an environment. We’ll ensure your developers effectively work on your code base and will likely stick around.

Reduce Support and Hosting Costs 

Is your current hosting solution busting your budget or requires extensive support? Sometimes the cloud is the right answer. Sometimes owning your hardware is the right answer. And sometimes, it’s a combination of both. Software Logistics can evaluate your current technology stack and provide short-term and long-term recommendations to help you better handle your hosting infrastructure.

Enhance User Experience (UX) and Feature Sets 

Do you have an application that looks like it's from the '90s, and making changes is challenging? The expectations for user interfaces and interactions have improved significantly over the past decade. Whether building a mobile application, a single-page application (SPA), or a large enterprise website, we've done it. We can provide a migration path where you can start reaping the rewards quickly.

Application Performance 

Application performance is crucial in growing your business and keeping your users engaged. Most modern software is highly complicated, and finding bottlenecks takes time. Using modern tools and technologies, Software Logistics can instrument your application and provide you with the metrics necessary to optimize your application and view your results.

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