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System Integration

Connecting Disparate Platforms

Every day, we turn systems never intended to work together into old friends. Over the years, we’ve learned how to tear down the traditional boundaries of platform-specific applications so our customers can get the most out of their existing investments.

Reliable Remote Device Synchronization

Have an army of devices in the field or a fleet of vehicles on the road? Those in the know understand that connectivity can be a challenge. We know how to make sure data is recovered in transit and while connected.

Actionable Event Messaging

Sending and receiving events is basic. What should happen when a particular event is received? That’s where automatic “actors” and their actions come in. We have experience with the entire range, from simply updating a screen to decisively handling complex, mission-critical data.

Custom APIs

Need a streamlined, purpose-built API geared towards a specific set of concepts? Want to expose large segments of capabilities currently hidden within your infrastructure? Look no further. We can help!

Third-Party Integration

Looking to add credit card payments to a mature application? Want to use Workato to add exciting external capabilities without disturbing your existing infrastructure? Whether it’s utilizing a third-party API or engaging third-party integration services, we can help.

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